Filming - UK

I feel that the UK is very stereotyped and under-rated, the perception of rain and grey skies is well know. Indeed this can be the case, in-fact as I write this it is exactly as described, although that is not always the case!

As it is home to me it is obviously quite a major part of who I am and contributed to the rider I am today. Home to family and friends and the place where it all began for me, I wanted it to be a key part of the story in the movie and portray it in all its glory. It can be lovely, sunny and as beautiful as anywhere on the planet.

Shooting was hard, there is no doubt the quick changing condition and weather can cause havoc with planning. We set a 2 week window, but ended up having to do a second period later on just to capture what we wanted.

England has a bit of everything, flat water, strong storms, kickers and cable parks for rails. We met up with Tom Court in one of the most incredible flat water spots I have ever ridden. We met up Sam Light for a bit of Wakestyle and Lewis Crathern for some Big Air.

I hadn’t visited the beach I had learnt on for years and part of the film introduces the area where I grew up, we scored one of the very best kicker sessions I have ever had. Despite being one of the toughest locations to shoot and capture it was definitely one of the best and most rewarding sections.

These images below tells it all.

Aaron Hadlow