Filming - USA


Our trip to the USA was over lapped with the Triple-S, one of the biggest stops on the calendar and no doubt one of the best places for park riding. Cape Hatteras is very exposed, it is located on a peninsular in North Carolina, on one side attracting some good swell and rough seas, whilst on the other side the locally called ‘sound’ by contrast is shallow and calm, ideal for setting up rails and kickers.

Real Kiteboarding is home to the these features and attracts many pro riders because of them. They host 3 different rails and 2 kickers, all entirely plastic welded and and ‘safe’…well for a rail. For this reason and being as iconic as it is we descended on the area to film the park section of Aaron Hadlow TWENTY.

The area and set up is unique and every year we tend to share a huge American sized holiday home, I mean 3 floors, 6 bedrooms, pool, games room, jacuzzi. Really it is the only option. For the movie we met up with Noe Font, Craig Cunningham, Sam Light although for the duration most of the competitors were around event the few weeks before the event.

The shooting was great, it is really an amazing discipline, the progression is incredible, every year I feel that I have considerably stepped up my game, moves off the kicker can be spun and any axis opening up new tricks and rail combos seem endless. This is a huge part of why I love it and is a true way to express and differentiate your style.

See our gallery below for an insight into the area and set up.

Aaron Hadlow