Filming - Grenadines

Our second shooting location for the movie is in the Grenadines. Situated between Grenada and St Lucia this stretch of the Caribbean has the most incredible setting. White sands line the shores of the tropical, lush, green islands that are scattered in the clear, crystal clear water. It sounds over the top but it is no exaggeration.

Our aim for the section was the paradise feel, focusing on beautiful, well thought out shots with me providing some freestyle tricks, in the lighter winds I would bust out the foil in between sailing around the islands and exploring the kite spots.

We flew into Union Island and jumped aboard one of the Caribbean Kite Cruise Catamaran's, this is by far the best way to explore this part of the world. We got to ride in several amazing locations, dine in many great restaurants and even swim with turtles.

Check to the gallery, the pictures tell the true story.

Aaron Hadlow