Premieres - TWENTY

Prior to the online launch of the movie we had decided to do a small premier tour to get some first reactions and to let people know the video was ready and coming soon.

We started at Real Watersports, we filmed a hole section there and they were great supporters of the project, their set up out in their ‘back yard’ is like no other and using the big LED screen huge sound system that they use for the bands, like mix master mike, it really was the perfect place to kick things off. It was a smaller gathering, many good friends so it was an important stage for feedback prior to the public launch. Needless to say it went down great.

Up next was a very special location, Hayling Island, at the Kitesurfing Armada. This is now my home spot and is also the biggest kite event in the UK, I knew there would be a huge majority of UK kiters at various stages in kiteboarding. The turn out was huge and so great to see. The huge applause as the credits ran were testament to the job well done. Ruben even got to play a DJ set into the early hours directly after.

Lats but not least was Tarifa, arguably one of the most populated kiteboarding spots in the world, a town in which the kiteboarding shops and schools almost out number standard highstreet store. We had a fantastic new location, Bibo beach, a nice new beach restaurant at one of the best kite spots, it was supported by the guys at Wet watersports and we had a great turn out once again. It was important for me as it was over the Duotone meeting where show all the new products, all the team from the office and all main distributors and agents were in town. I really wanted to show them all what I had been up to.

We have has such an unbelievable response to the new movie, thank you everyone for watching and all the nice comments along the way.

Aaron Hadlow